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Manifesting healthy skin begins by taking the smallest of steps. This kaizen practice includes shifting to a clean beauty routine that recognizes the wisdom of your body (the result of millions of years of evolution), embracing the rhythms of life, waking with the sun and sleeping with the moon, nourishing the body with unprocessed food, reducing toxic exposure, living actively through the seasons and practicing daily mindfulness/gratitude. These help most with cellular regeneration, mitochondrial function, defense systems, cell waste removal and elongated telomeres which altogether contribute to radiant skin.


Healthy skin is beautiful at any age, type, size, ethnicity, ability or gender. Our skin is a complex organ we all have in common that is simultaneously eliminative, absorptive and protective. Appreciating this complexity is key to caring for your skin. In reality, there is no such thing as dry skin, oily complexions, etc. These are conditions that point to an imbalance that is either internal or external like climate, seasonal changes, improper care for the skin or aggressive interventions and harsh ingredients. 


In traditional Persian medicine good health is the result of balanced food combinations based on the warming and cooling tendencies of ingredients. It has nothing to do with actual temperature, but rather with how the body metabolizes. I experienced this first hand one summer when I ate some honey from our beekeeper in Lalun (the village) followed by a slice of Persian melon. The two are warming and when eaten together on a hot summer day can make one sick. I woke up that night projectile vomiting. Afterwards I took note of ancestral wisdom. Our skin can be viewed similarly. For example, too much water (cooling) and not enough oil (warming) and the skin will dry out. Our skin needs balance in order to remain healthy.



Returning to my Persian roots, I consciously work with the ingredients I grew up with. I'm fortunate to be living in Tehrangeles where the climate is similar to that of Iran so I can wildgrow many of the plants I extract. Wildgrowing mimics the way plants grow in their natural habitat. It is climate appropriate, does not threaten native species and ensures botanicals are as hardy as the ones growing in the wild (survival of the fittest). Wildgrowing allows me to control the lifecycle of my products. I'm able to harvest plants at their peak, extract them on site and compost the leftovers (zero waste). Coaxing all the good stuff from a plant is the everyday herbalist/alchemist side of my work. The clean, green chemistry part has to do with my mandate to incorporate whole ingredients in the creation of my products. It's harder to formulate this way, but I prefer my high performing products to be safe, nontoxic, and freshly made so that they can bring a little love to your everyday care.



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